Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm taking a break...

...from selling and shipping overseas. There is too much that can go wrong, not enough is in my control, and making bad things better becomes expensive quickly. It's a hassle and shipping rates are simply stupid. I'll put Canada in this category for now, too.

Apologies if this, etc.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

"One Never Knows, Do One?"

Updating the update:

Andy had a rippingly good time at Eroica CA, so there's that.

Fizik is threatening to make us some leather-covered Aliante saddles, prototypes are in hand.

Max is slowly getting up to speed in his new shop and is happy to get cracking on new Hampsten titanium orders. Meanwhile, Kent Eriksen has been doing a great job of keeping us supplied during the past six months so it looks like we'll be offering customers the option of who builds their ti frame! As with my (furry) children, I have no favorite...

Martin is starting a new lugged frame and fork in my size - stay tuned! Paint on the lugged frames will be by Russ, as always.

Peter is doing a great job with the custom carbon frames: he is currently riding Frame 1; Frame 2 is my size and is at paint with Curt Goodrich; Frame 3 is for pal Scott, is glued, awaiting wrap and curing. I think the carbon thing may be here to stay.

And last but not least, local builder Rodriguez/R & E Cycles has stepped up to build our welded steel frames right here in Seattle given that our own production hit a wall back in December. They do great work, turn things around quickly, painting and fabrication happen under the same roof (and in the same week!), and are willing to deal with my picky demands. We'll keep you posted but this could be a Good Thing and should see our wait times come down considerably.

"I’ll try not to spend too much time telling you how cool I am."

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